What I am after this weekend…

So I’m pretty well stocked up…about the only thing I don’t have a surplus of is soup and cat food…so I’m actually going to hit the mall this weekend for the first time in over a year and get a jump start on Christmas shopping.

Bath & Body Works is having so many free and discounted items I am going to start there.

See my post here for more details.

JCPenney is having a sale and a great coupon!

See my post here for more details.

However, I am heading to Old Navy first…that $4 sale started today and well…if I wait too long tomorrow the best stuff  might be gone.

See my post here for more details.

I also plan on visiting Walmart for the following items:

Ocello Sponges, Reach Dental Floss, Cutter Insect Bite Relief, Kikkoman Marinade, and Zantac.

Look here to find these deals.

Two trips to Walgreens this weekend.

7/30 – Pantiliners, Gum, and M&Ms

7/31 – Bath Tissue, Kelloggs Cereal, Keri Lotion, Crayola Markers

Those deals can be found here.

I am sure there a ton more deals, and some I have even given you, but that’s all I need to get for myself!

Have a nice weekend everyone, Sonia


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