CVS Shopping Trip 8/24/11

So I made an attempt to go to Walgreens but the Gatorade Deal did not work for…Boo!

But CVS was a whole other ball of wax…

So I went there in hopes the magic red machine would be nice to me…b/c in the past it hasn’t been.

On my list was this weeks Garnier Deal, Zyrtec deal and hopefully the Candy (Skittles, Starburst or Lifesavers) deal!

I scanned my card and out popped a $4 coupon for Zyrtec…well that sweetened that deal…

I got 3 Garnier products, my free box of Herbashine color, my free Lifesavers and my Zyrtec…

Well the $3 ECB for the Garnier did not print out, so a manager had to come up and help me…while she was doing that, I scanned my card again at the big red machine and out popped the Candy coupon for B1G1 Skittles, Starburst or Lifesavers, so when my transaction was complete I went back for that…Here’s how it broke down:

1 Garnier Shampoo ($1 Coupon)
1 Garnier Conditioner ($1 Coupon)
1 Garnier Style Product ($1 coupon)
1 Garnier Herbashine Hair Color (free coupon)
1 Lifesavers Mints (free coupon)
1 40 ct. Zyrtec ($4 Mc, $4 CVS)
2 bags of Tropical Starburst (not pictured) ( 2 $1 Coupons)

Garnier 3/$10
Zyrtec $18.99
Herbashine $5.50
Lifesavers $4.19
Starburst 2/$6.00

Total before coupons: $53.18
Total after coupons: $17.42
ECBS: $7.00
Total OOP: $10.42


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