What I’m after this week…


The $10 gas card deal this week has some usual products in it, including the Visine and the Dawn dish soap.  The Zyrtec or Mucinex would be a quick way to hit the $30 this week.

Don’t forget the $5 ECBs on ANY Conair product…several items have been spotted at clearance prices…you might get a jump on some early Christmas shopping or get a new hair dryer for yourself…


M&Ms enough said…they are 4/$10 with $5 back in RRs, making them 4/$5…well I think I saw a $1/2 bags coupon this weekend…which would make them 4/$3…when have I gotten M&Ms so cheap???  When have you???

Welch’s Jelly and Planter’s PB 2/$3 – well some of you might have the $2 off Planter’s PB and the $1.50 off Welch’s (didn’t get the Welch’s myself)…can you say FREE PB&J!

Campbell’s soup is $.59 with the coupon from the flyer and recently I printed off a $1/4 cans….good time to buy some more soup…winter’s coming.

Did anyone print those Carmex Lip Balm coupons about a week ago?  I hope so, because they are on sale for $1.50 with $1.50 back in RRs…with the coupon that’s OVERAGE!

Rite Aid

The new Colgate Sensitive Relief Toothpaste – okay I originally said it was free (I was doing that from memory) – not free but how does $.49 a tube sound…The toothpaste has a $2.50 UpReward on knocking the price to $1.99 – so $.49 after that coupon…pretty good for that type of toothpaste!


I’ll be putting together my stacks before I go so I won’t post anything other than what I see in the ad.

Febreze deal – Buy 5 Febreze products get a $5 card – lots of coupons for that!  Combine to get the lowest price…

I know you are saying really?  that’s it?  Trust me, I’m stocked…but these are deals too good to pass up…



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