What Bloom gave me last Thursday…

So I told you about my trip to Bloom on Thursday, but I didn’t tell you all the great coupons that spit out of the Catalina machine and the lady in front of me during one of the transactions gave me hers

I got 4 $1 off next purchase, $2 off next purchase, free bread and free Kraft cheese singles…I used all of these in one of my remaining transactions…

what I have left to use:

  • $2 off Cottenelle 4pack MC
  • $1 off next juice purchase of $3 SC
  • $2.50 off next Laundry Detergent purchase of $7 SC
  • Free Bounty Paper Towels up to $2.50 SC
  • $1 off Bathroom Tissue of $4 SC
  • $2 off fresh produce of $8 SC
  • $1 off paper plates of $3 SC
  • $1.50 off Bath Tissue of $5 SC
  • $1.50 off Breakfast Cereal of $4 SC
  • $3 off Fresh Meat of $10 SC

…so I see alot of stacking in my future…



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