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Trip to Walgreens and CVS yesterday!


4 transactions

  • 1 Huggies SlipOns
  • 4 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste
  • 2 Lady Mitchum Deoderant
  • 6 bags Pretzel MMs

After Coupons and RRs – I made $1.72 – and still have RRs left to spend from the last two weeks!

They still didn’t have the peanut butter and jelly hoping it comes in this week.


1 transaction

  • 2 Suave Deoderant
  • 2 Edge Shave Gel
  • 2 Skinny Cow Candy
  • 1 Dove Bar
  • 1 Carefree Pantiliners

After Coupons and ECBs I made $.43 and I still have ECBs from the last two weeks to spend!

They didn’t have the Air Delights left but I did get a raincheck!

Types of Coupons

Types of Coupons & Stacking Coupons

What types of coupons are there?

There are several types of coupons

Manufacturers Coupons- Which are found in your local newspaper inserts, online, in stores, & in magazines. These coupons are going to have the words “Manufacturer Coupon” written in the top left hand corner and the numbers under the barcode are going to begin with a 5 or a 9.

Store Coupons- These coupons are put out by the store. They will be found in the store circular, booklets in the store, online, or in the newspaper inserts. You will be able to tell that it is a store coupon by looking underneath the barcode for the numbers. Manufacturer Coupons will begin with a 5 or a 9, right? So then Store Coupons WILL NOT begin with those numbers. Sometimes the store coupons may resemble a manufacturer coupon, even saying in the upper left hand corner “Manufacturer Coupon” however when you look under the barcode, this is the true sign of if a coupon is a Store or Manufacturer.

Cell Phone Coupons -These are electronic coupons that you download to your cell phone.

Target Mobile Coupons – these can stacked with Manufacturer coupons.

Cell Fire Mobile Coupons – only works with certain stores, check your area to see which ones.

and stores like Food Lion do it on their own sites.

Sites that pay you back to shop–  SavingStar – you load up your drug store/grocery store cards and choose the items you will buy…and get paid back for buying them.

What is Stacking coupons?

Stacking is when you use (1) Manufacturer Coupon and (1) Store Coupon on one item. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO THIS AT EVERY STORE. When you are shopping a store that accepts store coupons (they put out store coupons for their store OR they accept competing store’s coupons) you want to make sure before you shop to check and see if there is a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon for the item you are purchasing. If so, you are saving the MAXIMUM amount of money while you shop, because you are using two types of coupons on that one item.

What can I NOT do?

You CANNOT do a 3 way stack, using 1 manufacturer coupons & 2 store coupons. You can only stack 1 mannufacturer coupon & 1 store coupon on one item, this rule is the same at every store.

You CANNOT make copies of any type of coupon. Whether it be an internet printable coupon or a newspaper coupon, copying coupons is a federal offense and you will be put in jail. I know this sounds silly but it is actually very serious. Saving money is not worth the consequences of doing things illegally, so just don’t even try it.

These are the very-basics to couponing. Once you have the above information, you are steadily on your way to becoming an Extreme Couponer!

CVS Shopping Trip 8/24/11

So I made an attempt to go to Walgreens but the Gatorade Deal did not work for…Boo!

But CVS was a whole other ball of wax…

So I went there in hopes the magic red machine would be nice to me…b/c in the past it hasn’t been.

On my list was this weeks Garnier Deal, Zyrtec deal and hopefully the Candy (Skittles, Starburst or Lifesavers) deal!

I scanned my card and out popped a $4 coupon for Zyrtec…well that sweetened that deal…

I got 3 Garnier products, my free box of Herbashine color, my free Lifesavers and my Zyrtec…

Well the $3 ECB for the Garnier did not print out, so a manager had to come up and help me…while she was doing that, I scanned my card again at the big red machine and out popped the Candy coupon for B1G1 Skittles, Starburst or Lifesavers, so when my transaction was complete I went back for that…Here’s how it broke down:

1 Garnier Shampoo ($1 Coupon)
1 Garnier Conditioner ($1 Coupon)
1 Garnier Style Product ($1 coupon)
1 Garnier Herbashine Hair Color (free coupon)
1 Lifesavers Mints (free coupon)
1 40 ct. Zyrtec ($4 Mc, $4 CVS)
2 bags of Tropical Starburst (not pictured) ( 2 $1 Coupons)

Garnier 3/$10
Zyrtec $18.99
Herbashine $5.50
Lifesavers $4.19
Starburst 2/$6.00

Total before coupons: $53.18
Total after coupons: $17.42
ECBS: $7.00
Total OOP: $10.42

Topic Tuesday

So I’ve decided to commit to writing one company a week informing them of what I think of their product.

Today I choose Turkey Hill, why?  Well I LOVE their lemonade… Normally I drink ALOT of water…its been refreshing to drink something other than water.

So, have you written any companies lately…

If so, which product did you LOVE or HATE and why?

Leave your comments below, I would love to hear them.

How Many Papers Should You Buy?

So you probably ask yourself how many papers should you get?  What guarantee do I have that the inserts will be there?  Valid questions.

This week it is being reported on several blogs there will be three inserts! One SmartSource, one Red Plum, and a GM.  You can find a full list here.

Because I live outside of the Nation’s Capitol but in a county where the newspaper only comes out on Thursday, I have the option of buying up to three different newspapers.  I can get the Washington Post, The Free-Lance Star and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  Now generally I buy two each of the Post and the Star.  I haven’t tried the Times yet, but there are some good coupons this weekend and I’m thinking I might change up and get the Post and the Times.  I’d like to see how different the two papers are with the inserts.

The Star and Post vary greatly, not only in quantity but in quality.  The Post has more coupons and their value is generally higher than the Star.

I have never had a problem with inserts missing and here’s why:

  • If you pick up the Post, always make sure the plastic sleeve is in there and it isn’t opened…
  • If you pick up the Star, the middle section of the paper is generally turned around upside down to keep the inserts in…

Every week I will let you know where to find the list of available coupons and you can make that judgment call for yourself.  Until next…

The Coup Diva!

Discouraged Over Extreme Couponing?

Discouraged over ‘Extreme Couponing’?

By the Krazy Coupon Lady

“I’ve been watching TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’ and I can’t help but feel discouraged when I don’t save 90% on every one of my shopping trips.”

The first and most important thing to remember is that the shopping trips you see on TV are NOT typical. As a past participant, I can vouch that these excursions are often the biggest and longest that most of us have ever done (before or since!). Hours and hours of planning go into them, and it just isn’t feasible to do on a regular basis. The great majority of my shopping trips are small runs to the grocery or drug store (but what cameraman wants to follow me to Walgreens to watch me get free floss, toothpaste, and a bottle of shampoo?).

Remember that this is a reality television show. You would never watch Survivor and say, “Hey! How come I’m not on an uncharted island every week with only a machete, a canteen of water, and a pound of rice?!?”. Same applies here. Just because you’re not filling 5 grocery carts full of stuff and paying under $20 weekly should NOT have an effect on your self-esteem as a couponer! The show wants to display what is possible with coupons, not typical.

Here at The Krazy Coupon Lady, we aim to save 50-90% on our overall bill of groceries and personal care items. The biggest cuts in our bill come from buying our personal care items at the drugstores. We will always need to go to the grocery store and buy bread, milk, eggs, produce and protein, many of which do not have regular coupons. But that’s okay– we save money where we can! We buy produce in season, freeze bread, cheese & meat when they go on sale, and stock up on items when the prices are rock bottom so we don’t have to pay full price when we run out.

Drugstores will help you cut your bill drastically. When you no longer pay over $0.50 for shampoo, deodorant, household cleaners, razors, or body wash, you’re saving a ton! And free toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more occur monthly at each of the national drugstores– CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

To get amazing deals on anything, it’s all about timing. We collect coupons from our multiple Sunday newspaper inserts and wait for the items we have coupons for to go on sale. Sales run in cycles, so buy at the best times and stock up. Check out this post for the month-by-month run down of the sale cycles, and print out & refer to our extensive Stock Up Price List so you know when it’s a hot time to buy!

Couponing Tip – All You Magazine

What it is: A monthly magazine filled with coupons and articles on how to save money.

Where to find it: All You is available only at Walmart check stands or by subscription. You can subscribe on the All You website or occasionally magazine deal sites will have specials that include All You (we’ll keep you posted on KCL!).

What kinds of coupons: All You has a great variety of coupons, ranging from personal care and food, to baby and pets. For the monthly coupon index, check it out here.